Each journal name is linked to the full text of each poem at that journal’s website:


Rattle: “Ambiguous Antecedents” (with audio)

Naugatuck River Review: “Dedicated to Neda and All Who Died” (scroll down to second poem on page)

SiDEKiCK Lit: “One Body” and “Between Acts There Will Be a Brief Intermission” (with audio)

Diode: “Then Drones Started Delivering Packages” and “Good White People”

Liminal Stories: “The Finity Code”

Vinyl: “Alarm”

FRiGG: five poems about an octopus

Linebreak: “My Whole World” (with audio by Matthew Hendriksen)

FreezeRay: “Nancy Drew and the Only Ladder” and “Ode to Trixie Mattel”

SiDEKiCK Lit: “The Swan, Migrating or Otherwise” (with audio)

The Collagist: “Stegosaurus Moon”

The Collagist: “Birthday Poem with Tentative Divorce Agreement”

Your Impossible Voice: “When I Died Running a Red Light”

Your Impossible Voice: “When I Died of a Common Brain Condition”

Your Impossible Voice: “When I Died of Butterflies”

Michigan Radio: “American Spring” (with audio)

Four Way Review“When I Died by Fire” (with audio)

Glassworks:  “Warning and Watch”

Rattle: “Feats of Pain and Daring” (with audio)

Prairie Schooner: “Chicken Soup”

the museum of americana: “East Ohio Truck Stop”

Muzzle: “The Snail Scene” (with audio)

Muzzle: “Yes Yes Yes” (with audio)

poemeleon: “Dear Mark Strausbaugh, Dining Room Manager,”

The Collagist: “Things to Think About”